U K E X c h a n g e

Hi, I am Amirmasoud Abouei

Compliance Officer & Deputy MLRO

With a robust background in finance and compliance, Amirmasoud Abouei is a pivotal member of our team at UK.Exchange. His expertise in navigating complex financial landscapes and ensuring regulatory adherence drives our mission forward.

Professional Journey

Amirmasoud’s career spans over a decade, marked by significant roles that have honed his skills in financial analysis, investment strategies, and compliance. His tenure at Persici Financial Services as a Compliance Officer & Deputy MLRO reflects his commitment to maintaining the highest standards of financial integrity.

Educational Foundation

Amirmasoud is an alumnus of Aston Business School, where he earned his Master of Science in Investment Analysis. This academic pursuit further solidified his analytical capabilities and deepened his understanding of the financial sector.

Skills and Expertise

  • Investment Analysis: Proficient in assessing investment opportunities and strategies.
  • Compliance: Adept at ensuring operations meet legal and ethical standards.
  • Business Analysis: Skilled in identifying business needs and determining solutions.


Amirmasoud is passionate about the intersection of finance and technology, constantly exploring innovative solutions to enhance financial services.