U K E X c h a n g e

Hi, I am Ashley Robertson

Founder & CEO

Ashley Robertson is the visionary CEO and esteemed founder of Persici Financial Services Limited (PFS). With an unwavering commitment to innovation in the financial sector, Ashley has been instrumental in steering the company toward its mission of simplifying money services for customers around the globe.

Under Ashley’s leadership, PFS has flourished, becoming a significant player within the UK’s FinTech community. Ashley’s foresight and dedication to integrating cutting-edge technology into the financial services industry have propelled the company forward and ensured that PFS remains at the forefront of the digital revolution in finance.

Ashley’s entrepreneurial journey began when PFS was incorporated in June 2017. Since then, Ashley has cultivated a culture of simplicity, honesty, and dedication within the company. These core values are reflected in the strong relationships PFS has built with its clients and partners and in the company’s transparent approach to business.

Ashley Robertson’s expertise extends beyond finance into regulatory compliance and anti-money laundering measures. This expertise has been pivotal in establishing PFS’s reputation as a trusted and compliant financial service provider. Ashley’s proactive approach to compliance is demonstrated by the strategic partnerships and hiring decisions to bolster the company’s compliance framework, ensuring that PFS meets and exceeds industry standards.

As a thought leader, Ashley is committed to continuous learning and development for PFS and its staff. By prioritizing staff training and professional growth, Ashley ensures that the PFS team has the knowledge and skills to provide exceptional customer service. This dedication to excellence is a testament to Ashley’s belief in the power of education to drive progress and innovation.

Looking to the future, Ashley Robertson envisions PFS expanding its reach and continuing to disrupt the traditional financial services industry. With a strong foundation and a clear vision, Ashley is poised to lead PFS into a new era of financial technology, where convenience, security, and customer satisfaction are paramount.

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